Voice Over Services for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Labs, and Physicians.


I’m going to produce a medical narration for a great company in Ashburn.
Only question is… Will it be yours?



Why Wait? In most cases I can deliver your finished voice over within 24 hours. Often times, you’ll have a product you can be proud of same-day, within just a few hours!


You can afford a pro! I’m here to increase your revenue, not your cost: that means the value you receive will always be greater than my rate. Let me help you meet your budget.


I know how hard it is to find good people who care as much about your work as you do. I’m genuinely committed to making the process easy and enjoyable for you!

  • Kind words.

  • Will has something innate that’s hard to develop in a vocal talent, vocal texture. The very sound of his voice communicates levels of experience and information that truly enhances text. ~J. Patrick

  • A great experience, Will. You’re a master of the form, and easy to work with. Couldn’t have asked for better. ~M. Dellert

  • Will’s understanding and ability to communicate dense thoughts sets him apart while maintaining a captivating ease. Will brings a confidence to the studio that permeates the team. A great talent! ~J. Patrick

  • Will brings a spirit of craftsmanship that resulted in intimate, compelling, and evergreen audio content sharing the work of my organization. He produces content that encourages real engagement, which is a rare talent. ~T. Shakely

  • Through the professionalism of his presentation and the quality of his artistic narration, market feedback reports indicate that 85% of our promotional successes can be attributed to the quality and value of Will’s work. I would gladly work with Will again.~M. Dellert

  • Will went above and beyond narrating my latest story – he anticipated my needs, the voiceover was delivered within hours, and the finished tracks truly gave voice to the meaning behind my words. ~C. Hennelly

  • In all our past projects, Will has understood the initial concept immediately and then given 1000% to making the work the best it can be.~C. Hennelly

  • I have found Will to be a courteous and intuitive professional, opening up each word within his performance to determine the most suitable expression. His vocal work is precise, thoughtful – distinct and memorably warm.~J. Broadhead

  • Will was gifted with more than a creative spirit and dauntless voice; his exceptional work ethic and tremendous drive are propelling him, and those lucky to be associated with him, to much greater success. ~M. Madakasira

  • Will has a professional, confident, and compelling voice. His intelligence and sincerity are hallmarks of all he does. I recommend him to you highly.~R. Dooley

Medical Narration Demo | Feel free to download!

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional, full-time male voice talent
Fast, reliable delivery, usually within 24 hours
Friendly and thoughtful service
Finished voice tracks, formatted and delivered to your specifications
Free re-takes to ensure your complete satisfaction (see FAQs)
Over a decade of accomplished storytelling experience
Medical/Technical Narration
  • 0 – 5 minutes: $250
5 – 10 minutes: $300
  • 10 – 15 minutes: $400
  • 15 or more: Request a quote.
As a matter of fact, you can! At the end of the day, the product will represent you (or your business), and it’s important that it does so well. I’m happy to tweak the read or delivery to your satisfaction.

Exception: If we have already agreed upon a script, and you request a re-take because you want to alter the script, additional fees may apply.



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