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So you’re an Indie Author…
Being an independent author is great! You’ve got total control of when your story comes out and what your audience will read when it does. But how you’re audience hears about your story is the challenge. All the promotion and marketing is on you!

…And I’m a Pro Voice Talent…
My passion is getting to the heart of your story! I was originally trained to tell stories as a professional stage actor. Now, as a pro voice talent, I narrate and produce full audiobooks for a living, but many authors aren’t quite ready to take that step yet.

I’m ready! Schedule my full audiobook recording!

…Let me help you!
“Story Time” is a public narration series. It’s my way of giving you a glimpse of how your story will sound when it’s narrated by a pro. You’ll also see how narration can help you build your following. Best Part? It’s free and yours to share to your heart’s content!

Past Episodes

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What Stories Work Best?

The series lends itself to the vignette: let your story be a microcosm of the world you’ve created, throw your audience right into the fray, and finish up with a hook that makes them want to know more. Obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit content will not be considered.

What’s your Demographic?

My audience likes to begin with what’s familiar (the sky, a thump in the attic) and then to mine that experience for a new perspective. They’re comprised of those who have lived long enough to become familiar with the world around them and appreciate a new way of looking at it.

How often can I submit?

Story Time is always open for new submissions! You may submit as many samples as you like but final production is limited to 1 sample/author. Please provide at least three (3) samples, each 500-800 words, so that I can see what works best within the overall arc of the series.

Awesome! What’s Next?

Once I’ve got your samples, I’ll touch base with you to go over some of the finer details: how you want to be credited, if you have a preferred release date, et cetera. Once we’ve got that, we’re good to go! I won’t release anything until we’ve agreed upon the details.

  • Kind words.

  • It was perfect. Will’s voice really adds to the element of suspense…Just brilliant. ~J. Nagy

  • Daaamn. I *wrote* it, and Will’s narration *still* gave me chills and had the hairs on my neck standing up! ~M. Dellert

  • A great experience, Will. You’re a master of the form, and easy to work with. Couldn’t have asked for better. ~M. Dellert

  • The combination of art happening here is just so beautiful…So cool! ~M. D’Ambrosio

  • If only all my stories could be narrated by Will! ~M. Madakasira

  • Seriously everyone – visit his website, read his comments, and listen to the stories he tells! ~M. Madakasira

  • Will is a voice over artist with whom I would highly recommend working for anyone needing voice work! ~J. Broadhead

  • A great voice…a great talent. If you’re looking to produce an audiobook, this is your guy!!~T. Maus



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